Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Change of pace

I'm taking a short break from my Space Marines to tackle something that's been languishing on the shelf since Christmas: Witchfate Tor!

First of all, this model is a bear to put together... There are quite a few tips out on the interwebz about how to make it a bit less painful, and the most helpful were the use of rubber bands, and the appreciation that it takes a LOT of trimming and sanding to make the wall pieces come together.

The floors are a total mess, but I'm not too worried about that since they won't be used too often (cue ominous music).

The walls are chock-full of detail, and I'm chomping at the bit to get some painting done on them.

My first step was to prime the whole thing with black spray paint, and then the walls got a spray of Granite Krylon paint, taking care to spray from an angle so I wouldn't get too much in the crevices.

Once that was done, I took some Badab Black and washed the skulls, and some Devlan Mud in between the stones, and heavily at the base.
I also picked out selected stones with Deneb Stone to provide some variety and texture to the walls.

Oh, and of course I did my standard black basecoating for all metal surfaces. I'm going to try some rust effects on the rings along the outside, and for the gates I think I'll try some glowing effect, since it IS supposed to be a magical tower.

I'll have to figure out a bit of spot color here and there, but overall I like the stone coloring, since it makes it feel like a "real" tower in my humble opinion...

Let me know what you think... Have you put one of these bad boys together?

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