Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to the party pal...

Well here it is, I am finally taking the leap and starting a 40k blog.

I have been reading many of the blogs available, and have been inspired to start my own so I can chronicle the rise of my army.

I am new to the hobby, having just started in April with the AoBR starter set, but in just two months I have amassed a whole company of Space Marines, along with assorted Rhino-based vehicles.

I had been wanting to get into 40k for a while, but I was always put off by the idea of having to paint figures. I'm pretty creative normally, but I'm not much of a painter, but with just a few tips from the local GW staff and some fellow players I've been able to develop a paint scheme that I'm proud to have people check out when I'm playing.

The inspiration for my army comes of course from being a huge Texas Longhorns fan. I wanted to incorporate the logo and colors without being a blatant rip off or having my army look like football players with guns.

So here begins my chronicle... I'll try to provide a beginner's point of view, and hopefully provide some advice and inspire someone else who thinks that they can't paint their models to take up a paintbrush and get in the game...