Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rapid marine deployment

So I discovered two things tonight:
1. My painting ability and brush control have improved to the point that I can quickly block out colors on a Space Marine model with a minimum of mistakes, and a light, even layer of foundation paint.
2. My original color choice of Fiery Orange for my army doesn't quite do it for me anymore.

The second revelation was a product of the first, when, after I had painted up 8 marines in about an hour using Macharius Solar Orange as the basecoat, I realized that they looked better as a unit than my "finished" reference model that I painted two years ago when I first got into the hobby.

Thankfully, I realized that with the judicious application of a little foundation paint over the Fiery Orange, I could easily blend my original marines with the newly painted ones...

Of course it means that I don't have a single finished marine model, out of 32 needed for my army, but overall I think I will be happier when I redo them.

Here's a quick preview of the new guys:

And a comparison shot between the new, the old, and the one I have converted:

I guess the last revelation is that I need a photobooth and a better camera... Oh well... Goodnight!

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