Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Orks:1 - Horns: 0

I have finished my first game in the WH40k league, and as I figured, I was soundly defeated.

My opponent fielded Orks. He had 9 Killa Kans, two mobs of Boyz, one in a Trukk, and a Warboss and Nobz mob in another Trukk.

I never stood a chance...

I did however learn a lot, which is what I was hoping for.

Things that I learned:
- Have a deployment plan.
- Know the rules for your units
- Ask questions about your opponent's units and their weapons.
- Let an Ork mob come to you, and focus fire on one unit at a time
- My dice hate me... They really, really hate me...

All in all, I had fun. After the umpteenth time I rolled a fistful of saving throws and saw a preponderance of ones and twos, I just started laughing. My opponent was great, he was very patient, and helped work me through the game mechanics.

Here are a few more scenes of carnage from my doomed army:

Photographic evidence of my one kill point. Two units of Space Marines killed an Ork mob that had assaulted (and popped) one of my Rhinos.

Two coptas outflanked me and proceeded to mop up my army from behind.

Brother Sergeant Chronos' last stand. Instead of falling back, I fired all weapons, and missed at point blank range with all four...

The final six survivors, minutes before the Warboss used them to lubricate his Power Claw...

I got some good advice from my opponent after the game concerning my army list, and he pointed out the most glaring tactical errors I made.

Not the most auspicious start to my gaming career, but if I can keep making new mistakes instead of repeating the same ones, I should do ok.

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