Friday, March 25, 2011

Night of the Razorbacks

So tonight I spent quite a bit of time focusing on my two Razorbacks as the title implies.

First off, I wasn't even remotely happy with my scratchbuilt Lascannon turrets, so I took them apart and started over.

It occurred to me that if I applied myself, I could fashion some better armored covers on the top of them, so after about an hour with some plasticard and some sprue bits, I fashioned something that I was much happier with:

Emboldened by this bit of success, I pressed on and did some serious painting while listening to some college hoops on my laptop.

So behold, the almost done (aren't they all) Razorbacks.
First is Ignis, which just needs some highlights and a second coat on the Lascannon armor:

And Vorenus, which needs a lot more detailing, and a little assembly still.

Time to watch some more hoops. Goodnight!

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