Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The story so far... a Fluff Post...

Here is the outline for the background story of my chapter:

Chapter Name:
War Horns

The War Horns chapter is a young one, having been founded in the year 654/M41, following a minor skirmish between the Ultramarines and an Ork raiding party on the agricultural planet Arcturus Prime.

During the skirmish, scouts from the 10th Company found themselves defending a stronghold outside the main planetary trading center. The ork forces were slowly enveloping the scouts when a local force of ranchers, mounted on transports improvised from farming equipment, charged the ork flank and provided enough of a distraction to allow the scouts to mount a breakout manuever and kill the raiding party leaders.

Once the remaining ork forces had been mopped up, the scouts recognized the valor of the planetary population, and nominated the planet to the High Lords of Terra as a good place for a Space Marine chapter founding.

The High Lords agreed, and declared a founding with the geneseed of the Ultramarines and White Scars being provided for the chapter founding.

The chapter's homeworld remains Arcturus Prime, a planet with vast fertile plains, surrounded by treacherous deserts and mountains. Arcturus is located in the Dominion of Storms.

The population of Arcturus is of a hearty, independent nature, being used to hardship and tenacity to surivive and thrive on a colonial planet. Their farms and ranches provide the forgeworlds of Corinth, Accatran and Metalica with food, and in turn the Adeptus Mechanicus ensures that the War Horns chapter's armory is properly maintained.

The War Horns are organized in accordance with the Codex Astartes, with a heavy reliance on mobile warfare. Coming from a homeworld that has few established population centers, the War Horns are not content to fortify and defend positions, but always seek to take the fight to the enemy. Hence the lovingly maintained and detailed bikes of the VII company, and the thundering jetpacks of the V company.

Being a young chapter, the War Horns have many detached advisors from other Space Marine chapters that help round out their forces, and who provide insight during critical moments in battle. Chief among these are Sgt. Telion of the Ultramarines, who advises the X company of scouts and oversees the new battle brother's training. Sgt. Chronus of the Ultramarines directs the VIII company's heavy armor operations, and Kor'Sarro Khan, the White Scars Master of the Hunt instructs the VII company's bikers in the fine art of cavalry warfare.

OK, criticism and comments are welcome... Let me know what you think...

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  1. I like the idea of choosing a recruiting world based on the populace's actions.

    One thing I can suggest is to add that Sgt Telion was with the scouts - I can see his word having more sway with the heirachy than a bunch of scouts. It also ties in with him 'supervising' the new chapter.