Monday, September 14, 2009


Adeptus North Texas is having a Battlescape painting contest in conjunction with Lone Star Comics.

Basically, you have to buy a battlescape and paint the rhino in your chapter colors. Deadline for entries is September 30th.

Never having done one of these before, and coveting some terrain, I am entering this contest. I got my battlescape yesterday, and brought it to work. After work, I primed the whole thing with some Krylon Fusion paint I picked up at Walmart.

I decided to get a satin khaki color, to make the battlescape a high plains desert sort of landscape. I sprayed it inside, since it's raining outside, despite the recommendations of using the spray in low humidity.

I let it dry an hour, and the finish is very nice. Even coating, and no "fuzzies" or "dusties" evident. I think I just found my new plastic primer of choice...

Now to take it home and get some of my homemade brown and black washes on it. This is going to be cool... I just have to get some creative idea on how to make it stand out from the other entries... besides the cool Longhorn icon I'm painting on the side... Maybe a wrecked banner? Hmmm....

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